Vision and Values

groupSilver Sage Vision

Silver Sage Village is an age-restricted senior cohousing community with a common vision of aging in community and supporting one another while striving to live together with compassion, generosity and respect.

We come together from diverse backgrounds and a variety of life experiences. We hope to meet the challenges that this brings by striving for mutual understanding founded on respect, caring and kindness. We also appreciate that our differences bring valuable resources that enhance our experience of living in community, and we value the contribution of every member.

We are committed to establishing a balance between our private lives and our contributions to the common good, thereby creating a beautiful place and supportive community in which to live and share with one another.

In support of our vision, we embrace the following core values:

Values are fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes and actions. They are the underlying driver of how we spend our time and money, as well as shaping strategic planning decisions. They can be a marker for how we measure our success; and they can create a common resonance on our approach to relationship with each other. The Core Values of Silver Sage Village assist us in creating a harmonious community. Our aspiration is to use them responsibly in decision making, as we balance individual needs with community well-being.

Core Value: Community Core Value: Sense of Place & Time Core Value: Collaboration Core Value: Joy
Strive toward the common good Cultivate beauty Listen for understanding to all voices Keep growing
Act with intention and awareness of impact on others Reduce environmental impacts Participate actively Have fun
Treat each other with respect and kindness Age together gracefully Assume positive intent Appreciate
Be transparent Support those in need, ask for what one needs Strive for simplicity Celebrate the moment