Vision and Values

groupSilver Sage Vision

Silver Sage Village is an adult cohousing community with a common vision of aging in community and supporting one another while striving to live together with compassion, generosity and respect.

We come together from diverse backgrounds and a variety of life experiences. We hope to meet the challenges that this brings by striving for mutual understanding founded on respect, caring and kindness. We also appreciate that our differences bring valuable resources that enhance our experience of living in community, and we value the contribution of every member.

We are committed to establishing a balance between our private lives and our contributions to the common good, thereby creating a beautiful place and supportive community in which to live and share with one another.

In support of our vision, we embrace the following core values:

  • Compassion — we strive to more deeply understand and be open-hearted with each other, accepting ourselves and each other without judgment
  • Collaboration — we use consensus as a non-heirarchical decision-making tool and strive to create equitable and collaborative opportunities for participation by all
  • Generosity — we freely ask for what we need and strive to give freely what we can
  • Respect — we honor and support the dignity and worth of each member of our community
  • Self-responsibility — we hold ourselves and each other accountable for contributing to the maintenance and well being of our community
  • Diversity — we embrace and harvest the diversity of life experience, perspectives, ways of being, and economic situations of our members and strive to support and integrate this diversity into a thriving community
  • Joyfulness — we approach the challenges of living and working in community with joy, fun, playfulness and frequent celebrations together
  • Mindfulness — we strive to enhance our capacity to respond openly and with curiosity to our life experience together and to communicate with one another with kindness and respect
  • Personal growth — we value and support the opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction that comes through living in community
  • Aging in Community — we strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and outlook and to create a community that fosters caring and supportive relationships. We also expect our members to be able to live independently and/or be responsible for their own health and personal care needs
  • Sustainability — we strive to use the resources of our community and our planet prudently and to find ways as a community to lighten our imprint on the earth
  • Sense of place — our community is an attractive place to live that resonates with us aesthetically and emotionally, providing a beautiful context in which our community can grow