Meet Our Members

What kind of person moves into Silver Sage Village? Enjoy our bios and see for yourself! You can also see photos of our grounds and a recent video, as well as two that feature some of us in earlier years.

Our 10th Anniversary, October 2017!

Della moved to Boulder in 2000 with her husband David, and within the year she became the Director of Finance for a cohousing developer. Little did she imagine that almost 20 years later, the circle would complete with her move to Silver Sage! She combines her love of all things analytical with her wide-ranging interest in quantum physics and the world of energetic healing. She is a certified Reiki Master and has studied clairvoyance and psychic healing at Boulder Psychic Institute. She has authored two books on energetic healing, meditation and dealing with the loss of a loved one. She is a member of the Finance and Legal Team.
David grew up in Berkeley California and moved to Boulder with his wife Della in 2000. He loves the wide open spaces and clean mountain air of Boulder and the surrounding Front Rage. When not working as a full time CPA specializing in estates and trusts, David enjoys gardening and spending time at the off-the-grid mountain retreat that he and Della designed and built. Quiet and reserved by nature, David has joined the Systems and Building team.
JohnJohn spent his career as an environmental mediator dealing with conflicts at various scales, from local to international.  DeAnne and John have lived in Boulder since the late 1970’s and are both deeply involved in the life of the Boulder Friends’ Meeting (Quakers).  Since retirement John spends even more time riding his snowboard in Colorado and other Western states, working for peace, reading poetry, traveling and enjoying the companionship of friends and family. John is currently a member of the Common House Team.
DeAnne is retired from a career in public policy. She and John met in graduate school and moved to Boulder in 1979. Daughter Jesse grew up in Boulder; she and her husband live in New Orleans. DeAnne enjoys the great outdoors and spending time at their cabin in the Colorado mountains. She sings in Resonance, a 125-voice women’s chorus, and spends free time reading about history, politics and spirituality. She volunteers on the public policy committee at Boulder’s Emergency Family Assistance Association and FCNL, the Quaker peace lobby in Washington, DC. She enjoys living at Silver Sage, and not being the only introvert here! She is the HOA Secretary, serves on the Finance and Legal Team and tends to the SSV library.
JimJim lives with his longtime lover and wife of 57 years, Brownie. Jim and Brownie are founding members of Silver Sage. They have enjoyed many years of skiing, hiking, and traveling together. Jim has been a designer and builder of homes, neighborhoods and other things, and not being smart enough to find a way to retire has focused on cohousing development the past 25 years. He has a sometimes unstable passion for understanding the connection between creativity, community, and sustainability. Jim is on the Community Enhancement Team and sits on our Steering Team.
BrownieBrownie enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language for 20 years. Cooking is one of her enjoyable pastimes. She has recovered from brain surgery for walking and other problems, and has graduated to walking unassisted around the neighborhood and on hikes of up to two miles with Jim. Not quite back to tennis yet, she still moves slowly and has some memory glitches, but is making good progress. Brownie appreciates all of the help she has received from friends and neighbors in Silver Sage and as she continues getting stronger, looks forward to once again participating full time in the community. Brownie is on the Common House Team.
MargaretMargaret and her husband Dan are founding members of Silver Sage. Margaret is a retired Federal senior executive and recovering lawyer. In her retirement, she enjoys traveling, hiking and snowshoeing in the Colorado mountains, teaching in the Gyrokinesis® movement system, reading and writing poetry and volunteering at Silver Sage and in the North Boulder community. Margaret is lead on the Garden & Grounds Team, is a member of the Finance & Legal Team, and is Secretary of the Steering Team.
DanDan & his wife, Margaret, were among the first to move into Silver Sage in 2007. Dan has had Parkinson’s for more than 20 years, yet with deep brain surgery (DBS) has been able to function pretty well—no tremor, though his voice is weak. He retired from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, where he taught mathematics and served in a variety of administrative roles. He currently chairs the Systems and Buildings team at Silver Sage, repairs things, and writes stories, mostly about his Missouri childhood in Milan. Dan is lead of the Systems & Building Team.
Pam helped build Heartwood Cohousing near Durango, CO, from conception to reality. After leaving Heartwood, she never lost the dream of joining another community and moved into SSV (2016). She has a daughter and son who have gifted her with five grandchildren (one deceased). Her partner, Deb, came into her life seven years ago, after Pam moved to Boulder. Together they are on a grand adventure in personal growth and love. Pam is a member of Common House Team and participates in other community projects.
DebDeb loves skiing, hiking, bicycling, reading, seeing friends, traveling around the globe and being active politically—from the sixties civil rights, feminist and GLBT movements to environmental and other activism today. She has lived in various communes and collectives most of her adult life, first in Boston and then in Denver/Boulder for the past 40 years. She raised a wonderful son as a lesbian mother and is thrilled to share in Silver Sage with her amazing partner, Pam.
gaylaGayla is a founding member of Silver Sage who lives with her beloved pup, Annabelle. In addition to being a fabulous cook, Gayla is a skilled photographer, specializing in nature photography which she offers for sale, and graciously gifts to our community. As you might guess, Gayla loves to garden and work outside. When she has free time, she likes to get out on the road with her friend Bill and their dog, traveling to the beautiful, natural spaces Colorado offers.
AlanAlan has been a member of Silver Sage with his partner, Diana, since 2010. Silver Sagers are so proud to be part of his film “Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community,” a true gift for all of us. He writes: After being laid off following 9/11, I grew tired of working for marginally competent bosses. I qualified for unemployment and was told by my friends to take a risk and try something I’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t because I was always stuck in a “job.” Thus began a creative filming career. Alan is Member-at-Large and lead of the Steering Team.
Diana has spent her life in the world of nature and art. Born and raised in New England, she found herself drawn to the wide open spaces of Wyoming as a young woman, happier on the range than in most places. Like her hero, Georgia O’Keefe, Diana has followed her heart and her art. She is a prolific and explorative painter. Diana taught art in Wyoming and Boulder while raising her 3 daughters. She is one of her two older granddaughters’ best friends, and her fifth grandchild is due any minute. Diana and Alan moved to Silver Sage together in 2010, and she is a member of the Garden & Grounds Team.
LindyLindy is a Registered Nurse who feels lucky to be able to live, work and play in Boulder. She moved here in 2013 not to be a long distance “Oma.” She joined the SSV cohousing community in 2014 and enjoys being on the Garden and Grounds team and playing in the dirt. She enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, and all things outdoors. She believes spending time with family and friends is what life is all about. Two of her favorite sayings: “Live and let live”…..”Do what you like, like what you do.” Lindy is a member of the Garden & Grounds Team.
HenryHenry worked for public service broadcasting and advocacy for over forty years, including the acclaimed NEWSROOM on KQED Television in San Francisco, which pioneered comprehensive daily news coverage in response to a city-wide newspaper strike in 1968. He became one of the first elected Citizen Directors on the KQED Governing Board, where for 10 years he led the reform effort for increased local programming and accountability at Northern California’s leading public TV and radio outlets. Henry’s education was mostly in New York, but he came to Boulder as a CU student in the 1960’s before beginning his career in San Francisco. In 2007, Henry and his wife, Jean, returned to Boulder to live out their community values and became “senior pioneers” at Silver Sage. Henry is a member of the Community Enhancement Team and the Finance & Legal Team.
Charna first came to Boulder in 1975 for University; even as she left for twenty years, she finally returned for good in 2006. An accomplished teacher, specializing in psychospiritual growth and applications of spiritual wisdom, Charna ordained as a Hebrew wisdom teacher (Maggid) by her root teacher, Rabbi’s Zalman Schacter-Shalomi. She also holds a Masters degree in comparative religious studies from Naropa University in Boulder. A visionary, Charna believes in the role of Hebrew Scriptures as a living guide for becoming the best that we can be. A healing arts practitioner since 1985, Charna has studied with medicine women, clergy, and master teachers of health and human potential. Charna weaves embodied practices, felt-sense awareness, and contemplative exercises into the learning experience. Her skill set in developing empowered learning environments creates successful circles of learning. Currently a Rabbinic student with Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She is also an avid gardener, and grateful to be living in a thriving co-housing community
Agaf. Following his retirement as Administrative Director of Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Agaf spent several summers with high school students as a wilderness guide. He found this extremely rewarding to combine outdoor experience with self-reflection, service and leadership training. Agaf serves as Treasurer and lead of the Community Enhancement Team at Silver Sage; his chief ambition is to learn what it means to be an adult, while there’s still time!
RahimaRahima has been involved with “lifespan work” all her adult life, starting as a homebirth midwife and childbirth activist in the 1970s, then becoming a Waldorf early childhood teacher and parenting educator, then exploring conscious aging and working in hospice and natural after-death care. While taking care of her mother and mother-in-law for six years, she earned a masters in “Gerontology and Organizational Change” and also studied quality of life for people with dementia and elders’ sense of community. She and her husband, Agaf, moved to Silver Sage in 2014.
Karen has lived at Silver Sage since April, 2018, although she has been interested in cohousing for many years. She moved to Boulder from Portland, Oregon to join the community and because two of her three children live in the Denver area. Karen graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree, which led her through restaurant design and some painting. Retired now, she is interested in hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and skating. Her primary path has always been healing, Daoism and Taiji, which she has practiced under several Daoist masters for more than 25 years. She is enjoying the opportunities and challenges that living in cohousing presents and is currently active with gardening.
Carol was born and raised in Angola, Africa, educated in Canada as a microbiologist, and worked internationally with Uli for 20 years establishing intentional, live-in rehabilitation, counseling, and training mission communities. As a mother of three children, psychotherapist, writer, and retreat facilitator, she worked for another 25 years from her beloved garden property called Stonehaven Commons in Radnor, PA. Since moving to Colorado in 2018 she has been offering nature-based retreats from her years of training with Parker J Palmer and Animas Valley Institute (Bill Plotkin). She ls a passionate gardener in our community at Silver Sage and delights in organizing ElderSoul circles and Soul Fire women’s programs from our wonderful Common House.
Uli grew up in Germany and then lived in Canada and Radnor PA before moving with his wife Carol to the Boulder area mid-2017 and then to Silver Sage in 2018. He doesn’t seem to know how to retire and is wholly engaged in his current work as an economist, mostly in Europe. He is the founder of the Monetary Institute, which seeks to effect fundamental structural changes to our money system to decrease inequality and debt. He speaks at multiple international conferences and organized one at the Federal Reserve Bank as well as in Switzerland to change that nation’s constitution. Uli loves the outdoors and is pleased to be back in the mountains. He and Carol met skiing in Banff. Despite the cerebral centrality of his work, he knows that true life is in the spirit and draws both inspiration and comfort from that.