Our Community

concertWe are Silver Sage Village, a senior cohousing community in Boulder, Colorado made up of eighteen households and twenty-eight members.  Each household has its own home, arranged around a central courtyard, and we also share a 5000 square foot Common House, which contains an industrial kitchen, a dining room, our media room, a craft room, an exercise room, a meditation room, storage spaces, and spaces used by local artists. We also let members and non-members reserve our common house for events ranging from classes to weddings.

Silver Sage Village is located in the rapidly developing and culturally-vibrant “NOBO” area of Boulder. Our community is within walking distance of open spaces and hiking trails, restaurants, galleries, a library, grocery store, doctors, dentists, wineries, gyms, and low-cost public transportation. We love living in Boulder.

As a senior community, we are good neighbors to one another, supporting one another socially and physically. We do not offer assisted living or nursing facilities, however. Each member is responsible for themselves, but if someone is sick, it is common that neighbors will bring meals, walk their dog, or pick up medications for them. We appreciate sharing with others with some years under their belts, but we also enjoy the occasional sounds of grandchildren visiting or guests of any age. We invite you to read our Vision and Values statements.

We are structured as an HOA, but we ourselves are in charge of every aspect of our life. Every community member is on one or two teams managing some aspects of our community—from financial and legal issues to gardens and grounds, managing the common house, systems and buildings, and community enhancement. We also meet monthly where we make all significant community decisions by consensus. You can learn more about the cohousing model and specifically about senior cohousing.