Joining Silver Sage Village

Courtyard2Life at Silver Sage is a rewarding experience in which all members actively participate in the life and work and pleasure of living here, each according to their abilities and interests. Silver Sage Village is largely self-managed. Much of the work of the community is done by our members, largely through five standing teams, assisted by outside professionals as needed.

We have many ways of celebrating life at Silver Sage. While these activities are all optional, we find that the more members participate in them, the more pleasure they derive from living here. We have twice-a-week communal meals in potluck form, informal yet offering some of the best and healthiest food in Boulder! Those of us who don’t enjoy cooking bring wine or bread or store-bought desserts, so there’s no expectation of being a gourmet cook. Thankfully, we have quite a few! We offer monthly sharing circles whose topics cover a wide range of subjects of interest to members, including aging in place together. We often gather for movies in our media room, travelogues by our members, presentations by outside speakers, watching the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, Groundhog Day, election debates and results …

SS-work-day-in-the-gardensBeing part of Silver Sage means joining at least one of our five standing teams. In addition to team membership, Silver Sagers are invited, as able, to participate in lively and fun spring and fall garden workdays, and in an annual common house workday. We each take turns at various incidental tasks to keep our community running smoothly. Finally, members are expected to attend monthly community business meetings and bi-annual workshops and retreats scheduled on special topics.

cookingThe best way to learn about us is to visit. A Silver Sage Village host will arrange for you to meet us, share a meal, and have a tour of the grounds and buildings, including our Common House, woodworking shop, gardens, exercise area and artists’ co-op.  Please contact us to make arrangements.

Homes for Sale

To see homes that are currently available at Silver Sage, Click Here