Holiday Fair on Dec. 10th


Relax into a small, beautiful, family-friendly Holiday Fair in the Silver Sage Common House this coming Saturday, December 10th from 10am to 4pm. The address is 1650 Yellow Pine Avenue in North Boulder. Enjoy the aroma and taste of a free cup of hot apple cider as you meet the artists and craftspeople presenting their work for your pleasure. There will be inexpensive gifts that children can buy and wrap with help, “without you knowing.” You’ll meet gifted artists and craftspeople — some old friends and some new — so scroll down to see who and what’s in store:


sandra_yinyangsandra_eveingardensbnotecard-smallSandra Bierman has won many awards for her magnificent oil paintings, and we are delighted that she has recently become a resident of Silver Sage. Sandra will be selling 20 different signed prints (mostly 24″x30″ or thereabouts), as well as collections of notecards. She is looking forward to meeting more of her new NoBo neighbors, so be sure to say “hi.”


Laura Tyler has just returned from Albuquerque, NM, where a series of her encaustic paintings are being shown at the Palette Gallery of Contemporary Art and Craft. Yay, Laura! Laura’s art studio is here at Silver Sage, and at the Holiday Fair she’s showing a series of Brushy/Grassy Monotypes — encaustic on rice paper mounted on panel.


Minna Vallentine is one of the long-time studio artists at Silver Sage, who’s had a year of adventures before returning recently. She creates in fused glass and will be showing platters, bowls, tree ornaments and jewelry.


Gayla Oglesby is a photographer who specializes in photographs of the natural world. Gayla is a resident of Silver Sage, as well as being one of the artists who shows her work here. She is showing framed prints, notecards, and magnets of her photographs.


Rica Potenz is a Reiki Practitioner living at Silver Sage who offers truly blissful Gong Meditation sessions, as well. Word of advice: be sure to ask her about them! Rica is showing beautiful handmade Pendulums, a variety of Tibetan Bowls, and Koshi Wind Chimes. She will also be selling homemade treats and teas.


Thomas Davenport is an innovative educator who lives at Silver Sage and creates beautiful, eye-catching Nature Blocks. (These blocks are also known as natural wood blocks, Waldorf wood blocks, Montessori wood blocks, and tree blocks.) Natural wood blocks feed children’s sensory integration through sound, smell, even taste, but the textures are what make the major contribution during your child’s play time. The Nature Blocks come in sets in a sweet, rustic, drawstring bag, ready to be put into a basket in the playroom.


Andy Schwarz helps raise the bees and collect the beeswax for Laura Tyler’s encaustic paintings. He makes candles from the beeswax and also crafts exquisitely simple kitchen tools from maple, all of which he’ll be showing.


Tinbet Tinsman came to Boulder from Ivory Coast, Abidjan. She now travels to many countries and shops the local markets searching for beautiful handcrafted beads and ornaments symbolic of the local women’s customs to turn into the jewelry she will be showing. Anania Jewelry is named in honor of Tinbet’s daughter, Anania, because of the beauty and joy each brings to her life.


Kay Baldwin is a long-time graphic designer who’s having some fun. Kay’s Kustom Luggage Tags are great for stocking stuffers and inexpensive gifts. Kay will have her production station ready with computer, printer, laminator, cutting devices, hole punchers, and luggage tag loops. You bring digital photos, favorite sayings, kids’ artwork, or just fun ideas, and — voilà — a luggage tag will be ready shortly thereafter. The back can be printed with your contact information, or can include a business card. If you just can’t wait, Kay will take orders for luggage tags, as well.